The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB subwoofers.

1/7 The cardioid SL-SUBs.
2/7 The cardioid SL-SUBs.
3/7 The cardioid SL-SUBs.
4/7 The cardioid SL-GSUB.
5/7 The cardioid SL-GSUB.
6/7 The cardioid SL-SUB.
7/7 The cardioid SL-SUB.

The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB extend the bandwidth of a GSL or KSL System down to 30 Hz, as well as increasing its headroom. The SL-SUB is equipped with compatible flying fittings, while the SL-GSUB is for ground stack use only. The bass-reflex design uses three 21" high excursion drivers, one of which radiates to the rear to produce cardioid subwoofer performance to avoid unwanted energy behind the system. The SL-SUB and SL-GSUB can be deployed in conventional left and right ground stacked setups as well as in distributed SUB arrays to achieve an even venue specific coverage pattern.