The complete package.

The SL-Series Touring Package.

The GSL System rigging and transportation have all been optimized to incorporate solutions for every eventuality. A patented combination of tension and compression rigging modes is incorporated. Tension mode uses the well-established d&b three-point rigging approach, while the compression mode needs a smaller footprint and is faster when deploying large arrays. The compression mode enables a straight array to be flown from the Touring carts, a hoist or hand winch then curves the array to the defined splay angles. Mounted directly on the GSL Flying frame, the d&b ArraySight laser inclinometer contains temperature and humidity sensors, this information is relayed to the R1 Remote control software via OCA/AES70.

Designed to be easily accommodated in standard truck widths and shipping containers, GSL Touring carts transport four GSL-TOPs. The Flying frame can remain attached for transportation allowing the loudspeakers to be lifted directly from the cart. A cart is also available for three SL-SUBs or SL-GSUBs. Cart Covers are available to protect the systems during transportation.

The full functionality of any d&b system is instantly inherited from the software suite for planning, modelling and control. This includes ArrayCalc, ArrayProcessing, NoizCalc, Dante audio transport via the DS10 Audio network bridge, OCA/AES70, and the R1 Remote control software. At the heart is the D80 Touring rack which houses six amplifiers and utilizes the new MC24/LKA25 loudspeaker multicore solution. This provides twelve channels per cable to power an array of twelve GSL loudspeakers from one amplifier rack via two loudspeaker multicore cables.