The d&b SL-Series, large scale line array family is delighted to announce the imminent arrival of a new addition. Delivering all the recognisable features of its SL lineage, from outstanding broadband directivity to advanced rigging options, the versatile sibling of the GSL System is due on 24th January, 2019.

A question of scale

GSL established the SL-Series, setting a new standard for power, accuracy and control in line array performance. A complete package for arena, stadium and festival environments, GSL is engineered to deliver precise broadband directivity control across the entire audio bandwidth. Its hallmarks are quiet stages for the performers, maximum art for the audience and minimal noise for those beyond.

The GSL System performance begged a question: is this an only child or could this remarkable bloodline  be scaled for smaller applications? After a brief but intense romance of discovery, the clear answer was , ‘yes’.

Directivity reborn

Expanding the scope of the SL-Series, the smaller [kleiner] sibling, KSL - or as we call him Karl, will bring the familiar 2-way active design, high SPL and impressive low frequency cardioid performance to a far wider range of applications. And of course, like all our babies, it sits comfortably within the familiar d&b Workflow.

Used as a stand-alone, self-contained package, a delay, or fill accompaniment to GSL, the KSL System will maintain the SL-Series family attributes from top to toe, and spans out its feature sets into wider areas and events including performance installations of any genre.

The KSL system will be delivered into the family at NAMM 2019, in Anaheim, California: 24-27 January. For a chance to feel it kicking before then, please sign up below.

1/2 The SL-Series package.
2/2 The KSL and GSL loudspeakers.

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