The d&b GSL System: big in more than one dimension.

The get up and go

The SL-Series is born from a dream: to design the ultimate large-scale line array. A Series with unparalleled performance, accuracy and state-of-the-art features, all carefully packaged in the d&b way for easy, intuitive operation. This ambition sees broad-ranging techniques and strategies employed to satisfy a demand for the highest degree of dispersion control over the entire audio bandwidth. This ultimately delivers exceptional sound with impeccable attributes, enriching reinforcement quality, consistency and efficiency from performance to performance to performance.

The GSL8 and GSL12 loudspeakers.

Blood, sweat and years. All for nothing?

From the dream to reality, the SL-Series is a giant leap in the evolution of the d&b system; a bound towards keeping sound and silence where both should be. Driven by knowledge gained from events, and honed with development within the ArrayCalc simulation and NoizCalc immission modelling software, the performance targets became obvious. Of course, the SL-Series is not just about loudspeakers. It is a complete system where all aspects of application design, transportation, deployment and operation are carefully considered, integrated and optimized for simplicity and ease of use.

This Series conquers a new system scale within the d&b range. With performance to satisfy any demand, the GSL System is intended for the largest applications and events around the world. It produces the maximum performance and efficiency, while maintaining precise horizontal directivity control over the entire audio spectrum, delivering all and nothing.

A look inside the GSL8 loudspeaker.

Rather Special Loudspeakers

The GSL loudspeakers from the SL-Series are the largest line array modules developed by d&b, but size isn’t everything.

The GSL8 and GSL12 produce a full-range constant directivity behaviour, using a combination of technologies which include cardioid techniques in the lower range. This behaviour rejects energy towards the rear, significantly reducing excitation of the
reverberant field, which results in minimized reflections indoors, a superior working environment onstage and lower sound emissions to unnecessary areas outdoors.

The GSL System is completed by the SL-SUB and SL-GSUB cardioid subwoofers. The loudspeakers are driven in 2-Way Active mode from two channels of a D80 amplifier, adhering to the established system approach and fitting easily into the d&b Workflow. The sonic performance and efficiency of the SL-Series is matched with usability through effective transport, handling and cabling – all intended for high-speed deployment.

The cardioid SL-SUBs.

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